Samstag, 12. Juni 2010


The exposition is displayed in the old manor of Baženskiai mentioned in historical sources since the 17th century.The park of manor is of landscape-type. It occupies 28 ha of area and is famous for impressive ponds containing 15 islets. The buildings of manor form a big close yard and remind of a fortress. The restored part of palace will house guests’ rooms and the terrace - an exposition on history of manor, which is already equipped.Works of art by Kazimieras Ulianskas, the sculptor, abound in the park: the monument for poet Adomas Mickevičius (built in 1911), the monument for Vytautas, the Great Duke of Lithuania (built in 1912), the sculpture of Holy Maiden Mary, the grandiose gate of park, the bridge ornamented by sculptures of lions. The park is traversed by many pathways. 12 small bridges connect the islets.

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